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We transform education through technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Gamified and automated learning platform with intelligent adaptive teaching.


Platform Explorers

Students explore different planets of interest, guided by a personalized learning path, divided into Levels, Phases and Missions with Activities (Training, Narrative, Solo Battle and VS Battle). On the exploration journey, he can earn rewards to customize his avatar.

Develop student autonomy

Decreases lags of learning

Increase your proficiency level

Have fun doing exercises branched

Educators Platform

Make gamified assessments, based on the focal skills of the BNCC, and apply active methodologies such as flipped classes in a few clicks.

Create assessments, championships, adaptive challenges, flipped classes and assignments in minutes.


active methodologies


real-time reports

Question bank with automatic correction


Platform Families

Monitoring of school performance, learning proficiency, engagement and interest of the child.

Bring the school into the housethat of the students,

participate in the routine of families and reduce evasion.

For private education:

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For public education:

Learn about our solutions

Services included on platforms

Pedagogical Consulting

In order for the school to achieve the expected results in its Pedagogical Plan, we provide an exclusive pedagogical consultant to help customize the use of Jovens Gênios.

Online Technical Support

Aligned with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), via chat and whatsapp with a maximum waiting time of 1 minute, we serve from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm to guarantee the best experience for the entire school community.

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Educator Training

With a Competence Matrix and over 90 Skills, elaborated from the Common National Base for Teacher Training (BNC) and the fundamentals of the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC) for Basic Education, we created a cycle of continuous formation for a process of meta-learning of educators in 4 pillars (socio-emotional, analytical, digital and methodological), divided into levels of proficiency with formative assessments, support materials, final project, exclusive awards and certificate of completion from the MEC.  


Jovens Gênios


Schools spread across

all over Brazil


Active students in schools

public and private


In proficiency increase

proven after deployment


A thousand copyright questions with distractors and leveled by TRI


Disciplines with patented multidisciplinary algorithm (Artificial Intelligence) 


Learning customization levels: by subject, in pairs and by question


Several schools and networks throughout Brazil rely on Jovens Geniões to revolutionize learning with gamification, artificial intelligence and the most innovative active methodologies.

Meet Jovens Gênios

Conheça a Jovens Gênios!

Conheça a Jovens Gênios!

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Check out what we have achieved in these almost 4 years of existence!

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Top 4 Amazon Edstart


2020/21/22 - Maiores Edutech


Top 3 Brasil - Edutech

Top 4 learning algorithms with recognition in Forbes Chile

One of the top 100 Edutechs for 3 consecutive years by Holon HQ.

Member of the largest startup community in Latin America


Top 3 BrasilLab


Top 100 Open Startups


Top 3 Global Edtech

3rd place in the Task Force

Covid-19 | 2020

With more than 25,000 startups analyzed, we are among the top 100 in Brazil.

3rd place in the Global EdTech Startup Awards 2022

Isabel Pinhal 


“After Young Geniuses he revealed himself in the classroom. He did not participate, almost nothing and now he participates and asks to participate in the class.”

Delma Kerr

Gestora Escolar

“We have a very significant partnership, even in times as difficult as the pandemic! You have made a big difference in our school!”

Fárley Muniz


“I was able to improve myself and learn even more mathematics. It was all so much fun! I loved Young Geniuses!”

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