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Cada escola tem um contexto e desafios diferentes. Assim, nossas ferramentas digitais se adaptam ao seu planejamento pedagógico.

Private Schools


A fun and smart way to learn for our partner schools

Several schools and networks throughout Brazil rely on Jovens Geniões to revolutionize learning with gamification, artificial intelligence and more innovative active methodologies.

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Young Genius School Plan

Three platforms in one only solution, gamified and with artificial intelligence recognized by Amazon:Explorers Platform (Students)+Educators Platform (Teachers, Coordinators and School Management) +Platform Families.

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Our impact in 4 years

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Questions per student during the pandemic


Editora Edebê is always on the lookout for innovating its didactic materials and digital solutions, after offering some Salesian schools an experiment with Jovens Gênios, it was able to ascertain the potential and effectiveness of its adaptive platform for learning and gamified assessment. It partnered with Young Geniuses to serve all Salesian schools, because it saw the excitement and wonder of elementary school students with an attractive, fun and personalized way of learning. Educators also attested that the Platform is fully aligned with the BNCC, with many possibilities for formative assessments, learning management reports, artificial intelligence resources to direct activities and instigating projects that help to develop students' skills and intellectual and affective taste. by the study. It also has an environment for families to monitor the performance of their children, who are motivated with collective work, awards and certificates. Edebê encourages all schools to use the Young Geniuses Platform as it is an excellent tool to engage students and increase their proficiency.

Sr. Adair Aparecida Sberga – Executive Manager of Editora Edebê

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