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Educators’ Journey Regulation

1. ABOUT THE EDUCATOR’S JOURNEYThe Educators' Journey is an educational virtual competition among teachers registered on the Jovens Gênios platform ('Journey'). During the Journey, teachers will complete activities and assessments available at for their students, and earn points based on their students' participation and engagement."

The goal of the Journey is to dynamically promote the effective use of the Jovens Gênios educational tool by the teachers who make up the faculty of our partner schools, in order to empower educators and enhance the holistic development of students.

Who may register for the Journey:
a) Teachers: Elementary and Middle School teachers who are currently actively engaged in their duties and registered as such in schools that have an active contract with the Jovens Gênios platform, from January 1st to December 31st, 2023, provided they do not hold positions such as Coordinator, Principal, or Pedagogical Coordinator, as per their own registration in the platform.
b) Ambassadors: Ambassadors are considered to be teachers of Elementary and Middle School who meet the requirements mentioned above and who are exclusively appointed as such by Jovens Gênios. Qualification as an Ambassador is based on the platform usage history in conjunction with the school.
The profile registered as a Manager on the platform will be ineligible to participate, except in the case of public schools. It is an exclusive competition for teacher registrations.
For the purposes of this Regulation, the students are the ones enrolled in elementary and middle schools that have a valid contract with Jovens Gênios. To be considered active in the Educators' Journey, the student must answer at least one question within the context of the proposed activity or assessment.


Registration must be done personally and is non-transferable, exclusively through the website, using one's own access.
Before completing the registration, the applicant must carefully read this Regulation and accept all the conditions, declaring to be in accordance with the participation requirements and ensuring that all information…

Jovens Gênios is not responsible for the non-receipt of the registration submitted by the
interested party, as well as for any inability to participate due to failures or sending errors caused by problems with the internet service provider used by the participant.


Raio-X: A diagnostic evaluation that aims to identify students' needs, generating evidence for guidance on pedagogical (re) planning.
Desafio: Formative assessment that helps teachers and students identify progress and difficulties, finding strategies for adjustment and course correction, ensuring the continuity of learning.
Prova Genial: Summative assessment that measures students' mastery of the learning objectives and can promote pedagogical interventions to: verify, classify, locate, and inform.
Tarefa: Functionality in which the teacher can automatically create gamified tasks that will be personalized according to each student's needs.
Campeonato: A functionality that encourages collaborative studying with classmates. In this mode, students can engage in battles with each other, and it also generates a ranking for teachers.
Aula Invertida: Functionality that aids in the development of students' autonomy, as they will study the content before, during, and after the in-class mediation time.


a) Discrimination based on color, marital status, religion, nationality, political creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other factor is not allowed;
b) The Educators' Journey will adhere to the requirements defined in each category for the receipt of the award, and these requirements cannot be changed after the candidate's registration;
c) There is no limit on the number of candidates from the same school for participation in the Journey;
d) Only those who have registered and created activities and/or assessments for their respective classes, which are then completed by students according to the engagement table's percentage, will be classified;
e) For any necessary purposes, the definition of an 'Active Student' will be a student who has answered at least one question within the context of the activity or assessment.
Student participation is personal and non-transferable. The Jovens Gênios team reserves the right to disqualify, after careful evaluation, any works that use illicit methods or are in violation of the guidelines established in this Regulation.

5.2 SPECIFIC TERMS FOR AMBASSADORSa) The invited Ambassadors will be registered via a form to be sent after the selection process in collaboration with the school;
b) Each school will have only and exclusively two Ambassadors, one from the faculty of Elementary School and the other from Middle School;
c) After the selection of the Ambassadors, the remaining registered individuals from the same school will be considered as members of the Teacher category;
d) The school can decide and communicate, via email to, their decision of not having Ambassadors in their institution;
e) The Ambassadors will be responsible for instructing and assisting other teachers in creating activities and assessments for the competition;
f) In order to prioritize transparency in engagement monitoring, the Ambassadors will have their profiles registered as Managers if the school decides to do so;
g) The Ambassadors' scores will be calculated proportionally to the level of active teachers at the school, multiplying the base score for each level by the percentage of teachers at that level, and it will take into account the school's adoption of activities such as the Raio-X and/or Projetos Interdisciplinares. Next, we will explain the details of this scoring.
Base score per level of active Teachers:
Bronze: 1 point for every 1% of active teachers at the level.
Silver: 2 points for every 1% of active teachers at the level.
Gold: 5 points for every 1% of active teachers at the level.
Legendary: 25 points for every 1% of active teachers at the level.
h) For schools that adopt the institutional Raio-X or Projetos Interdisciplinares, Ambassadors will receive scores based on the school's adoption in each of these contexts, taking into account the total number of students in the institution, as defined in the following terms.

For Raio-X, the scoring will be as follows:
40% to 49.99% active students = 1 point.
50% to 59.99% active students = 2 points.
60% to 79.99% active students = 3 points.
80% to 89.99% active students = 5 points.
90% to 100% active students = 10 points

For Projetos Interdisciplinares, the scoring will be as follows:
10% to 19.99% active students = 1 point.
20% to 29.99% active students = 2 points.
30% to 49.99% active students = 3 points.
50% to 69.99% active students = 5 points.
70% to 100% active students = 10 points.

i) Each school may create and conduct up to 2 (two) Raios-X and 2 (two) Projetos Interdisciplinares within the duration of the Journey outlined in this Regulation.


5.3.1. Within the competition period, Teachers will need to create Desafios, Campeonatos, Provas Geniais and Tarefas on the Jovens Gênios platform for their students, with the scoring for Teachers per activity or assessment defined as follows:

Desafio = 10 points.
Campeonato = 10 points.
Prova Genial = 10 points.
Tarefa = 5 points.


5.3.2. Points will not be counted for other types of activities created on the Platform, including Raio-X and Aula Invertida. However, there will be a limit on eligible activities and assessments to be scored. Teachers enrolled in the competition will have a limit of 30 activities and/or assessments per each two-month period that can be scored.

Furthermore, the following should be observed:
a) Any activity or assessment created that exceeds the limit or does not meet the mandatory criteria will be disregarded and will not receive any points;
b) In case there is an excess of activities or assessments, the first 30 activity or assessment creations per Teacher per two-month period will be considered;
c) Each two-month period will be defined according to the following parameters within the overall duration of the Gamification Journey.
First two-month period: Starting on August 25, 2023, and ending on October 24, 2023;
Second two-month period: Starting on October 25, 2023, and ending on December 24, 2023;
d) The final score for creating activities and/or assessments will be a cumulative total across both two-month periods;
e) In addition to the cumulative score for the creation of activities and/or assessments, a participation bonus will be accumulated by students following the reference scores below when the minimum bonus score is reached;
f) The gamification ranking of teachers will be available on the JG website, updated weekly, every Monday, until 6:00 PM;
g) Within the duration of the eligible activity and assessment creations mentioned above (Desafio, Campeonato, Tarefa, Prova Genial), the bonus score will be as follows:

For Desafio, Campeonato and Tarefa, the bonus score will be as follows:
15% to 24.99% active students = 5 points.
25% to 39.99% active students = 10 points.
40% to 59.99% active students = 15 points.
60% to 74.99% active students = 20 points.
80% to 100% active students = 30 points.

For Prova Genial, the bonus score will be as follows:
40% to 49.99% active students = 5 points.
50% to 59.99% active students = 10 points.
60% to 79.99% active students = 15 points.
80% to 89.99% active students = 20 points.
90% to 100% active students = 30 points.

h) Activities or assessments that do not reach the minimum score of 5 points will be invalidated and converted to zero points;
i) Teachers who participate in the ongoing training provided by Jovens Gênios will also receive 25 points for each assessment submitted.


6.1. In the end, participants will be ranked and categorized into levels based on their score, as follows:
Without level: 0 to 199 points.
Bronze: 200 to 499 points.
Silver: 500 to 799 points.
Gold: 800 to 1199 points.
Legendary: 1200 or more points.


6.2. In case Teachers and/or Ambassadors have the same score, they will be ranked based on secondary and subsequent criteria, meticulously assessed by Jovens Gênios, according to the following order of preference:
1- Average number of questions answered per activity or assessment;
2- Average study time per activity or assessment;
3- Total number of active students;
4- Total number of diverse skills worked on;
5- Performance per activity or assessment.


6.3. The Teacher and/or Ambassador with the highest average in the first criterion listed above will secure the top position in the global ranking. Jovens Gênios will rigorously apply these criteria to ensure a fair and accurate ranking in tie situations, ensuring that recognition is awarded equitably among the participants in the Journey.

6.4. It is worth noting that the ranking will be published on the Jovens Gênios website in January 2024, in compliance with the General Data Protection Law.

7.1. Once the ranking is established, Jovens Gênios will organize the awards into two different categories:
a) The awards for Ambassadors will be:
1st place overall - a cruise trip;
2nd place overall - a tablet;
3rd place overall - a tablet;
4th place overall - a Bluetooth earbuds;
5th place overall - a Bluetooth speaker;

Ambassador from the school with the highest average number of questions answered per active student - a smartwatch;
Ambassador from the school with the highest average study time per active student - a smartwatch.

b) The awards for Teachers will be:
1st place overall - a laptop;
2nd place overall - an Amazon Echo Dot;
3rd place overall - a smartwatch;
4th place overall - a Bluetooth earbuds;
5th place overall - a Bluetooth speaker;

Teacher with the highest average number of questions answered per active student in their creations - a Bluetooth earbuds;
Teacher with the highest average study time per active student in their creations - a Bluetooth earbuds.


7.2. In addition, the following procedure shall be observed:
a) Jovens Gênios will not be responsible for incorrect information provided by the awarded participants, such as: full name, address, and email;
b) All awardees will be notified by the Jovens Gênios relationship team via the email registered on the platform. If there is no response within 7 (seven) consecutive days from the date of the email being sent, from the contact by the consultant with the school, school management, or the registered phone, the participant will be automatically disqualified;
c) Jovens Gênios will be responsible for the in-person delivery of all prizes, the date of which will be communicated later;
d) All prizes will be delivered to the winners free of charge and cannot be exchanged for other products or services, nor can they be converted into cash;
e) If there is any damage involving the prize related to the technological device during transportation, Jovens Gênios will arrange for a technical team to conduct a thorough analysis of the damaged device;
f) If the recovery of the device is not feasible, at the sole discretion of Jovens Gênios, a replacement with a new device may be provided.


7.3. Jovens Gênios reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to distribute giveaways such as t-shirts, mugs, among others. The method of distribution and the quantity of giveaways may vary depending on the schools and the achievements of the Teachers and Ambassadors.

Schools with any unresolved arrears or that fail to fulfill their contractual obligations from the start of the Registration period until the final announcement of the classification, during the competition, may be subject to the automatic disqualification of their participating Teachers and Ambassadors in the Journey.

Jovens Gênios also reserves the right to investigate suspicious situations of fraud, considering factors such as the devices used and patterns of usage, in order to prevent artificial increases in the completion of activities and assessments statistically. If any indication of fraudulent activity is identified, the Teachers and Ambassadors involved will be immediately disqualified and removed from the Journey, without prejudice to a subsequent investigation by oversight bodies and the pursuit of legal measures as appropriate.


9.1. The proposed schedule includes the following stages:
Announcement and Alignment with Schools: 08/24/2023 to 09/24/2023.
Teacher Registration Stage: 08/25/2023 to 09/25/2023.
Ambassador Registration Stage: 08/25/2023 to 09/25/2023.
Journey Duration: 08/25/2023 to 12/24/2023.
Ranking: 12/25/2023 to 12/31/2023.
Results Audit: 01/01/2024 to 01/31/2024.
Results Announcement: 02/01/2024 to 02/29/2024.
Awards Event (Probable Period): 03/01/2024 to 03/31/2024.


9.2. The schedule may be subject to changes at any time. Always refer to the Jovens Gênios website for updates.

10.1. Participants will be solely responsible for any copyright-related issues arising from the use of expressions, texts, text fragments, and other unauthorized reproductions and/or uses of works, even if partial, and shall be civilly and criminally liable for any violations they may commit in the field of intellectual property, as well as for any misuse of the image (in a broad sense) of individuals.

10.2. The authenticity of the activities and assessments submitted by participants will be evaluated by Jovens Gênios, and creations that violate any of the conditions established in this Regulation will be disqualified.

10.3. In addition, the use of the "Jovens Gênios" brand for political, electoral, illegal, immoral, or commercial purposes is prohibited.

10.4. Participation in the Journey is free, does not imply the payment of any kind of scholarship or monetary assistance, and does not establish an employment relationship with Jovens Gênios.

10.5. In case Jovens Gênios determines any non-compliance with this Regulation, the participant will be automatically disqualified from the Journey, without the need for any notification, and if they are a winner, the prize will be transferred to the next eligible participant in accordance with the valid and specified conditions of this Regulation.

10.6. Finally, at any time, this Regulation may be amended, revoked, or annulled, in whole or in part, without entailing any right to compensation or claim of any kind.

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