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Boost your IDEB with adaptive technology
and blended learning

To reduce learning gaps, Jovens Gênios has developed an adaptive and gamified technology that has been proven to increase student proficiency by 17.8% in public education and, consequently, the IDEB score in the short term. Currently, we are already transforming the reality of more than 73,000 students in 150 public schools, thoughout 13 Brazilian cities in just 1 year of operation in the public sector.

Who is already boosting the IDEB score with us?

Every student has a unique adaptive
learning journey

Jovens Gênios' artificial intelligence recommends personalized paths for students to learn according to their proficiency level.

Learning in a fun way increases engagement
By using gaming elements, students learn in a fun way and spend hours engaged in creating avatars, earning points, and climbing the ranking of their city.

More active methodologies for your teacher to useJovens Gênios' technology provides learning experiences guided by different teaching modes such as gamified lessons, adaptive tasks, flipped classrooms, and much more.


Learning Management
Monitor the entire learning journey and real-time engagement comparing schools, classes, students, and teachers.

Mapping proficiency in BNCC skills
Public school managers and teachers track the development of BNCC skills for data-based pedagogical planning and evidence-based policy creation

Real-time Deficiency Assessment with TRI With a storage of over 70,000 questions configured by TRI, educators will have diagnoses through adaptive tests to reduce deficiencies in a personalized way and provision results in IDEB

Our learning enhancement program

Adaptive and gamified technologies integrated with products and
for the entire school community.


Pedagogical Consultancy
Personalization of the systemic use of Jovens Gênios' educational solutions aligned with the Municipal or State Education Plan, the school calendar published at Diário Oficial, and the Academic/Regional Curriculum.


Responsive platform
A learning and assessment platform accessible through any type of internet-enabled device with no need for storage memory.


Families Platform
It enhances families' perception of value and encourages their involvement in students' daily activities.


Artificial intelligence
Jovens Gênios' artificial intelligence recommends customized learning paths so that students can learn according to their proficiency level.


Octalysis framework is used to enhance student engagement through customizable avatars with various items and rewards.


Content aligned with BNCC
A multidisciplinary content storage with over 75,000 questions configured by TRI and personalized theoretical content with AI Tutor in chat-texts aligned with BNCC, ensuring real-time evidence of student proficiency through SAEB rubrics.


Comparative Reports
Real-time engagement and learning data from each student, class and school, as well as networks for more analytical interventions.


Technical support
Technical and pedagogical support for all users from Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


A city that 
trusts Jovens Gênios

"With over 38,000 students studying on the platform, we have increased learning proficiency by 18%, with consistent engagement from 80% of students, teachers, and families. All of this in just 1 year!" approves Karen Joana, a 15-year-old and 9th-grade student at EMEFI Profª Luzia Levina.



What our clients
say about
Jovens Gênios


Felício Ramuth

Former Mayor of São José dos Campos (SP) and current Vice Governor of the State of São Paulo (SP)

"This platform embodies a youthful, forward-thinking, modern language. I am very happy to see that our city has been set as an example once again, especially in education, which is crucial for us to build a better country."
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