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Increase your IDEB with adaptive technology and blended learning.

To reduce learning gaps, Jovens Gênios developed an adaptive and gamified technology, which has proven to increase the proficiency of public education students by 17.8% and, consequently, the IDEB score in the short term. Currently, we are already transforming the reality of more than 73,000 students in 150 public schools in 13 Brazilian municipalities in just 1 year of work in the public sector.

Brazil Scenario:
6 years learning delay

of students who reach fifth grade still cannot read


of students do not know the basics of math


of students do not master the Portuguese language


of ninth grade students do not know how to interpret dissertation texts


About Jovens Gênios?

Educational solutions for hybrid and remote teaching with greater student engagement, automated reports for learning management, different class modes and much more!

Educators Platform

Gamified Learning Management

With the Young Genius Managers Platform, the public manager monitors the entire learning and engagement journey in real time with a comparative view between schools, classes, students and teachers

Platform Explorers

Every student is unique with an adaptive learning journey

The artificial intelligence of Jovem Genênios recommends personalized paths so that the student can learn according to their level of proficiency.


City Hall of São José dos Campos (SP)


With more than 38 thousand students studying on the platform in 1 year of use, we increased learning proficiency by 18%, with recurring engagement of 80% of students, teachers and families. Direct impact on IDEB: “With Plei, we stand out: it helps us focus on studies in a dynamic and modern way”, approves Karen Joana, 15-year-old student in the 9th year of EMEFI Profª Luzia Levina.



Felicio Ramuth

Former Mayor of the Municipality of São José dos Campos (SP) and current Deputy Governor of the State of São Paulo (SP)

"That's what this platform is: a young, up-to-date, modern language. I'm very happy to see our city once again set an example, especially in education, which is very important for us to build a better country".

Personalization of learning by BNCC Skills and Questions with TRI, CAT and ZDP

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Who is already improving the  IDEB with us

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Special projects

Customize the three Young Geniuses platforms - with a name and brand created for your education plan, with rapid implementation in municipal and state schools:

1) Explorers Platform (Students)

2) Educators Platform (Teachers, Coordination and Secretariats)

3) Families Platform

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Prefeitura de São José dos Campos (SP)

Prefeitura de Mesquita (RJ)

(Exemplos de marcas exclusivas que criamos)

Include the adaptive and gamified technology of Jovens Genóis in your education plan and improve your IDEB grade

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