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Each student is unique, and we are aware of that

How Our Technology Works

We employ Item Response Theory (IRT) in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to precisely ascertain each student's proficiency level in various skills and topics. This enables us to understand not only what the student already knows but also where they can make improvements.

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The Optimal Guidance for Maximizing Learning

After assessing each student's proficiency, our platform provides real-time, tailored recommendations for topics and activities. This is made possible because our Artificial Intelligence maps complex relationships between different topics and skills. With this detailed insight, we precisely know which areas the student should master before delving into new challenges. Simultaneously, we identify when it's the right time for them to progress into more advanced topics.

(Skills network and their relationships.)

The Right Challenge
for Each Student

The pedagogical theory of psychologist Vygotsky, known as the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), is a cornerstone of Jovens Gênios' methodology. Our goal is to keep each student precisely within this zone: a point where the content is neither so simple as to be monotonous, nor so challenging as to cause frustration. By striking this balance, we ensure that the student remains motivated and engaged, optimizing their learning potential.

Our combination of IRT, artificial intelligence, and established pedagogical theories such as ZPD enables us to create a unique learning experience. With Jovens Gênios, each student embarks on a personalized educational journey that not only meets but surpasses their potential. This is the power of education coupled with cutting-edge technology.

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Boosting Motivation
with Gamification

Transforming learning into an engaging and rewarding journey.

Gamification is a powerful tool in education, encouraging student’s motivation and engagement. At Jovens Gênios, we incorporate this concept through the Octalysis framework, which identifies 8 key motivational drivers.

With the Octalysis framework, Jovens Gênios transforms the learning process into an engaging adventure in which every gamified element serves to boost student motivation and engagement. Thus, learning becomes not only effective but also enjoyable and meaningful.

Tangible Impact of the Jovens Gênios Methodology

When students engage with the Jovens Gênios methodology as recommended, the results are remarkable. Those who dedicate themselves to solving at least 10 questions per week not only meet but often exceed the established learning goals; 71.18% of these students achieve the desired standard of learning for their respective school year. To put it into perspective, this significantly outperforms national figures: only 15% of students complete elementary school with adequate skills in Mathematics, and just 35% in Portuguese, according to Saeb*.

The distinctiveness of the Jovens Gênios methodology becomes even more evident when we assess its impact in comparison to conventional methods. Compared to a control group, students following our recommendations demonstrate a learning gain that is 4.25 times greater**.

Evolution of learning by engagement group

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(Learning evolution in 2022, grouped by groups of students, based on their engagement.)

* Source: Saeb, INEP
** Source: Jovens Gênios internal study

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