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We help public and private educational institutions to implement a more fun and intelligent way of learning!

Our story

Founded in 2018 by the meeting of two university students and professors with a common dream and purpose: to transform education in Brazil by democratizing access to technology and innovation. Thus, Young Geniuses is born! From the classroom to revolutionize Brazilian basic education! 


We are an education and technology company, fully committed to the digital transformation of teaching and learning. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Gamification to make the learning experience unique, smart and fun.


In just under 5 years, we have already taken care of more than 120,000 students throughout Brazil, we  awarded and recommended by several partner schools because the results of student engagement and learning improvement are amazing: + 80% of students engaged with an increase of 17.8% in learning proficiency every 2 months.


Our digital learning resource is the 3rd largest in Latin America, our learning algorithm is among the 4 largest in the world and the MEC recognized us as the best tool in reducing the learning gap in the pandemic and post-pandemic.

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Bernard Caffe
Forbes Under 30 - 2022 | depthOr | CEO Young Geniuses

Teacher, entrepreneur and specialist in educational technologies.
Passionate about people, the art of negotiating and learning.
I believe that we are agents of constant change, and if something bothers us, it's up to us to go there and change it.

Fernando Costa
Co-founder | CTThe Young Geniuses

Engineer,Master's student, entrepreneur and teacher. Passionate about education, science and technology. My life philosophy is constant evolution, tomorrow's Fernando always has to be better than today's.

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